A Certain Slant of Light at Riverside Arts Center

February 5, 2017

January 15 – February 25, 2017

Guest Curated by Bill Conger and Shona Macdonald



A Certain Slant of Light (Installation View), including works by Natalie Jacobson (Left), Bill Conger (foreground), and Dawn Roe (Right). Image Credit: Shona Macdonald

I’m so pleased to have been asked by friends (and exhibition curators) Shona Macdonald and Bill Conger to share an older work from my series, No One Was With Her When She Died, in this current exhibition at The Riverside Arts Center. An excerpt describing the exhibition is below:

There’s a certain slant of light On winter afternoons,
That oppresses like the weight Of cathedral tunes”
– Emily Dickinson

The work of this group of artists hopes to encapsulate the lyricism, fragility, and foreboding inherent in Dickinson’s poem. Memory too, captured in Dickinson’s vivid imagery, is present in much of this work: particularly the way memories unearth and dislodge, becoming different with age. Also, stillness and boredom where the imagination runs free, on days such as dreary, rain-soaked Sunday afternoons, as evoked in Dickinson’s poem.

The poem’s undercurrent of affliction illuminates something within the narrator herself. A supernatural heft within the four slight passages swells as the arbitrary and enigmatic slant of light transforms into a malevolent force of nature. The artists represented here amplify common visages and familiar objects while expounding on the implications. These artists similarly excavate content from the slightest stimuli either pictorially or through gesture. Their works yield psychically charged moments, which reference Dickinson’s unequalled ability to exact underlying drama from arrested observation. — Shona Macdonald, Guest Curator

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