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Future Past: Experiments in Photography at Tracey Morgan Gallery in Asheville, NC

March 4, 2018

Tracey Morgan Gallery is pleased to present Future Past: Experiments in Photography, a group exhibition of work from 15 artists, all of whom are working beyond the traditional notions of photography. Artists included are Matthew Brandt, Marco Breuer, Colby Caldwell, Bridget Conn, Ofri Cnaani, Bryan Graf, Sandi Haber Fifield, James Huckenpahler, Ivana Larrosa, Chris McCaw, Ben Nixon, Stacey Page, Dawn Roe, Nikko Sedgwick, and Lydia See.

Work from my series, Conditions for an Unfinished Work of Mourning: Beauty as An Appeal to Join the Majority of Those Who Are Dead, is included in this group exhibition. Read the full press release HERE.